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MEGANTARA: Kemilau Budaya Sinari Nusantara

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Now, I will tell you about Megantara. Before I tell you more, you can check this video first
Megantara: Kemilau Budaya Sinari Nusantara

What is Megantara?
Megantara is a culture fest that presented by SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. It was hold on 10th September 2016 at Lapangan Bali. For your information, Lapangan Bali is not in Bali, but at Bali Street, Bandung.

Firstly, us, the students of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung gathered at Bali Street and wear kebaya or pangsi. We paraded around our school to promote Megantara, and invite the other to join Megantara.

Not just the students of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung that participated, but also the students of some kindergarten. Even, the kindergarten students costumes are more total than us. Huhu...

Although, the parade was far enough but we did it happily while singing the song of Megantara.
"Festival Megantara
SMA Negeri 3
Tempatnya Lapang Bali
Harinya hari ini"

The parade was finish at 9am back to Lapangan Bali. Honestly, after the parade we were thirsty. No one of us bring water, because we are prohibited to bring food and drink to Megantara. Then, one of my friends gave an idea to go to Daffa's house (that really really near from Lapangan Bali) to ask for drink (and also food) and while waiting the gate of Megantara open at 11.35. So my friends and I went there after get Daffa's permission.

At 11am, after took a rest and changed our clothes at Daffa's house, my friends and I ate baso tahu to fill our stomach before enter the gate. Although the gate was open, we hadn't enter yet. We prayed Zuhur first, and took a rest or even slept at mosque.

After saw some photos of our friend in Megantara, we wanted to do it too. So we went to Megantara at half past one. I took some photos first on photobooth. When I came, KV 3 (Keluarga Vokal) and MK 3 (Musik Klasik) is performing on the stage.

But I didn't watch it at all and I walked around with my friend Upi. With the other friends we went to a traitional game's stand. There we played lompat tali.

Next, we went back to the stage again (yes, we came, went, and repeat). We watched Band 3. They played many songs. After watched them, it's time to break. We prayed, and tasted some food, like, ice cream. I wanna try Zupa-zupa but it was sell at outside, and I couldn't go outside :(

NEXTTTT!!! FASHION SHOW! What were we waitig for! On the fashion show each class of 10th grade gave three persons, and each person showed the traditional clothes from a province.

And unpredictably, one of the participat from my class that present the province of Papua Barat, won the fashion show contest. Let's give him a round of applause!

After the second break, Lapangan Bali was full of so many people that come for Megantara. Until you have to stand in line if you want food or even drink. After the break was time for Karawitan. Karawitan is traditional voice art, vocal or instrumental. They played so well, both with their music and also their facial expression that can attract people.

After watched Karawitan, my stomach also played music, a starving ringtone. So Upi and I decided to join our friend  Himly who standing in line to buy sate padang. But, unfortunately after waited for such a long time, Himly gave up, and we still starving, more starving. To forget the hunger we went to watch the theater called T'sT (Tiloe's Theater). They presented an amazing theater and the title is "Bring Our F*cking Culture Back". It told us that although we have technology, we mustn't forget our traditional culture.

Than it's OSD HMT ITB's time! They presented dangdut in a such funny way. Even their costum were funny too.

The climax of Megantara is start from now. THE CHANGCUTERS!
They played so many songs. All of us jumped for about an hour with them, enjoyed the music, and forgot matematika minat. I can't tell you more about their perfomance, because you have to feel it by youself. 

And I'm really feel sorry for SPH tari kolaborasi, because I didn't watch you. So I couldn't give any review about them. Sorry sorry!

The last, who could make all of girls at Lapangan Bali melt. RAN! They didn't play as much as The Changcuters. But, the most memorable is when a RAN asked for a student girl of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung and still single to come to the stage. And all of you that came to Megantara have know what happened in the stage. It made all the girls scream.

And RAN closed Megantara with their song Dekat di Hati.

Thats all that I can tell you about Megantara, I can't tell you all because I didn't watch all of the perfomance. Thank you!

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