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The Inspiring Person

Architect, Mayor, and Inspiring Person

Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil muda

Okay let's start! Who doesn't know Ridwan Kamil? We usually call him Kang Emil or RK. As what I said at the title, he is an Architect, and now he is the Mayor of Bandung, the city where I live.

By the way, on that photo which one is Ridwan Kamil?
TETOT You are wrong. The left side is the korean idol Lee Min Ho.
And Ridwan Kamil is the right side.
Don't they look similar?

Let's get closer to him!!

Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil muda

He was born in Bandung, 4th of October 1971. So now he is 45 years old. And on 7th of December 1996 he got married with Atalia Praratya, Kang Emil usually call her Si Cinta. The fun facts is, he fell in love with his wife from love at the first sight. 

What about his education life?

He had a good quality of education, WAAAAA I'm really jealous :(

Hasil gambar untuk sdn banjarsari
On 1978, he went to SDN Banjarsari III

Hasil gambar untuk smpn 2 bandung
Then, he went to SMPN 2 Bandung. Yeah, one of the best elementary school in Bandung. My dream, unfortunately I can't go there, huhu

Hasil gambar untuk sman 3 bandung
NEXT! Again, he went to the best senior high school Indonesia. YAP! SMAN 3 BANDUNG! After three years of hardwork and now I'm here!!! YUHUU Believe or not, he is my motivation to go to this school

Hasil gambar untuk itb
Then, he went to Bandung Institute of Technology. Here, he studied about architect

Hasil gambar untuk university of california
It's not enough. After he graduated from ITB, and worked some months in USA, he got scholarship to University of California, Berkeley on 1999-2001. He studied about Urban Design

Family Life

Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil

Even he had so many work, so many things to do, he still can give his love to his family. After he married with Atalia Praratya, they got two children. The first one is my senior at SMAN 3 Bandung, Emmeril Kahn Mumtaz. Now, he is on the third grade. And the second one is a daughter, Camillia Laetitia Azzahra.

Job: As an Architect
The first time I now him is before the Pilkada. The first time I now him was from the television. The TV program showed about Ridwan Kamil's bottle house. The house is made of the recycle bottle. As what I remember, he took many times to collect the bottle.

Hasil gambar untuk bottle house ridwan kamil

After the TV show, I browsed about Ridwan Kamil. Many questions about him start to filled my thought. Such as
"Why he is so creative?"
"Who is he?"
"What a wonderful architect!"
(And I start to have willingness to be an architect in the future)

Another Ridwan Kamil's creation is the Museum Tsunami Aceh

Hasil gambar untuk museum tsunami aceh ridwan kamil

In  architecture, he also built his own company called URBANE, a company  that work in planning consultant, architecture, and design.

Job: As a Mayor
He, with Oded M Daniel, are success improve Bandung. From 2013 until 2018. Many problem were solved because of them. Many new innovation were given by them in this three years.

Many park that can you use to hangout with your friends.
Hasil gambar untuk pet park bandung

A strict rules
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil menghukum

Conserve our culture and tradition with ReboNyunda
Hasil gambar untuk rebo nyunda ridwan kamil

And the other program like GPS, Bandung Culinary Night, KamisInggis, DamriGratis, and many more.

As Inspiring Person
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil quote 
He inspire me because of his creativity and full of innovation. His idea that can change, improve Bandung. And also his creation in architecture. The time management that he use, so he can love Bandung, his family, and us.

And his hardwork is not useless. He got many achievement, and he made Bandung won many achievement.
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil mendapat penghargaan

As Entertainer for us
Beside his really really busy life, he still can entertain us.

Hasil gambar untuk lelucon ridwan kamil

Hasil gambar untuk lelucon ridwan kamil

That's all that can I tell about my inspiring person

See you on my next bloggg!

1. When was he born?
a. On 4th of October 1971
b. On 4th of October 1973
c. On 14th of October 1971
d. On 24th of October 1971
e. On 4th of October 1972

2. Which one is the correct statement based on the text?
a. He is Mayor of Jakarta
b. He got married on 4th on December 1996
c. He studied architecture at University of California Berkeley
d. On 1999-2001 he studied at Bandung Institute of technology
e. He has two son

3. Who is Emmeril Kahn Mumtaz?
a. He is Ridwan Kamil's second children
b. He is the Mayor of Bandung
c. He is Ridwan Kamil's first children
d. He is Camilia's little brother
e. He is alumni on SMAN 3 Bandung

4. And his hard work is not useless. He got many achievement, and he made Bandung won many achievement.
The underline word has the same meaning with...
a. useful
b. worthwhile
c. beneficial
d. worthless
e. worthy

5. Which one is not the program from Ridwan Kamil?
a. Rebo Nyunda
b. Gerakan Pungut Sampah
c. Kamis Inggris
d. Damri Gratis
e. Car Free Day

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