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Hello! Welcome back to my blog!

Now, I will tell you about someone that I should be thankful to. Beside many persons that I should be thankful about, I think he is the most person that I have to be thankful. Especially, for the last a hundred days.

He is my superman, for more than fifteen years and still counting.

So, let me tell you about my superman.

Hasil gambar untuk SUPERMAN

My superman is not a cartoon character. He is here, in my real life.

My superman is my dad.

Before I tell you more about him, let me tell you about what happened in the last 100 days.

It was on October 2016
It was the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandparent that live in Yogyakarta. So, my dad was plan to surprise them. He wanted to come to Yogyakarta and celebrate their wedding anniversary.

My mom accompanied him to the bus station in the evening. It's a usual thing in my family. If someone will go to Yogyakarta, one of the family member will accompany with motorcycle.

It was raining. There was a traffic jam in my mom's way back to home. Her motorcycle nudged a car behind her. She fell and her motorcycle sentenced her foot. Someone who drove the car behind my mom, help her to stand up.

"Can you stand up?" said him to my mom.
She could stand up with her right foot. But, she couldn't stand up with her left foot. She called her family. Especially my dad. He was in Ujungberung when my mom call him. He took off from the bus and took a ojek to drive him to home.

The person that drove the car helped my mom and took her to hospital. And the result is, my mom just broke her ankle and she had to take a surgery.

Until today, the day I write this blog, my mom can't walk normally yet. She still use walking stick (krek) to help her walk.

From that accident, my dad is being a single parent. He is taking over my mom's chores in the house. He woke up in the early morning, cooked for the entire family, do the dishes, wash the clothes, prepare my lunchbox. Then, he still has to go to his office and work until the sun set. He come home in lunch time to cook for my mom. And he usually skip his work to do house chores. When he back home, he still has to cook for dinner, wash the dishes, and do his office's work. And finally, he just get to sleep. In the weekend, my dad is usually go to traditional market or accompany me to have some picnic. And for your information, we don't have any housemaid. And, we don't want to have.

That's why I really feel grateful to have a dad like my dad. To have a superman like my dad. My dad is very understanding. He is really really really patient. He is the best dad I ever had.

Sometime, I feel sorry to him, that I can't help him because of my homework. But, I promise I will try to give some of my time to help you, dad. And now what I can say is just

Hasil gambar untuk terimakasih di berbagai bahasa

Maturnuwon! Haturnuhun! Makasih, Bapak!

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