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It's been a long time since my last post on November 2016.
I've been busy with semester exam on December 2016.
And now it's January 2017.

After disappeared from this blog more than a month, now, let me tell you about...


and the title is...


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It's just my expectation, guys. I DIDN'T COME THERE!
HE he HE

Okay let's reveal my true holiday.


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DAY ONE 26th of December
I spent my first day of holiday...

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Yeah, just like the other. I just ate, slept, and played. You have to enjoy your first day of holiday. It's boring, right? It's okay. We still have thirteen days more!

DAY TWO 27th of December
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It's a bit different from yesterday. In this day, I went to the school. Yap, school.
Gratefully it was not because SP. HE HE.
I just confirmed my contract to the teacher.
I went home and ate-slept-played again.

DAY THREE UNTIL TWELVE 28th of December - 6th of January

I spent this ten days cleaned my home, helped my parents, and the other things.
OH! On this ten days, I watched many films on TV. HEHE.

DAY THIRTEEN 7th of January

Two days left! But, my holiday just started.
Today, my father and I went to Alun-alun Bandung!

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Yah, even I have lived in Bandung for a long time, I haven't visit this place. It's beautiful. Many peoples spent their weekend there, too. You can play soccer, run around, take pictures, and relive your stress here. But, you have to take off your shoes so it wont be dirty.

Our next destination was Asia Africa Conference Museum

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It's located near Alun-Alun. So, you just have to walk. We saw many things there. You can also take pictures and learn some histories about Asia Africa Conference.

Pendopo Walikota was our next destination.

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It's located behind Alun-Alun Bandung. It's not as crowded as the two places before. There is something like this here. Picture of our mayor Ridwan Kamil, and you can take photo with it.

Hasil gambar untuk patung ridwan kamil

DAY FOURTEEN 8th of January

The last day of my holiday.
My father and I went went to Farm House, Lembang. 

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We went there with motorcycle at 8 am. But, the road was already full.

And, something caught my eyes in the traffic jam. Many peoples sold sausage on the side of the road,
My father said that, on this holiday many people want to come to Lembang. It makes traffic jam. And, to reduce the stress or the hunger when you got stuck on the traffic jam, they sold the sausage.

When we reached Farm House, it's already full of many people. Farm House is become really popular these days.

It's not like the places before, here yo have to pay twenty-thousand rupiah (excluding animal's feeds, costum-if you want to).

The most interesting thing here is feeding animal. Especially, sheep. I was really happy. Beside sheep, I saw the other animals. Such as cow, rabbit, sugar glider, and many more.

Park. Farm House is has many park. For you that likes to take a pictures this place is suitable for you.

Ah! You can also get free milk here.

My holiday is over now. Thank you for reading my first blog on 2017. 
Even it's late, but I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR may you we have a better year than before.
See you!

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