Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Please Welcome, Our New Teacher!

Hello everyone! 
Before I tell you more about our new teacher. Let me introduce it first!

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It’s name is nature.
Nature is not a person, it is a phenomena of the physical world collectivity, including plants, animal, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth.

But, why did I call it teacher?

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Let’s look the definition of teacher first.
Teacher is a person who teaches.

But, it is not always a person. It may be a thing, an experience, or even nature.
So, now let’s start the lesson with our new teacher, NATURE.

From all teacher that come from nature, I think our best teacher is a tree.

What can we learn from the tree?

Hasil gambar untuk tree as teacher

First, we have to stay grounded.

Although, we have so many knowledge, so many money, a big house, or we are already success, we have to stay grounded. Don’t be an arrogant person. We should help each other which weaker than us.

Hasil gambar untuk tree that has many fruit and ground

Like a tree, that still hold the ground with it is root although it already has many leaves and  many delicious fruits. And trees doesn’t forget their friends. They help each others from symbiosis. Like a bee who get food from the flower.

Second, we have to keep growing.

Hasil gambar untuk tree that hit by rain

Tree is strong, although it always get hit by heavy rain, hot sunshine, or even animal that always climb to the tree. Although you have so many problems in your live, you have to handle it. God is always understand us, although you get so many problems, believe that you can handle it. God won’t give us a problem that we can’t handle it.
Like, Dory in Finding Nemo. “You have to keep swimming, keep swimming, and keep swimming.”

Third, bend beside you break
Trees are always remain although we break them into pieces. Don’t give up although your problems are hard. Never give up. And always grow, like this, Hyperia, the tallest tree in the world.

Hasil gambar untuk tallest tree

And the last, here is the other teacher, called mouse.

Hasil gambar untuk small mouseHasil gambar untuk big mouse

The poem
Began small
A mouse of a poem
Whiskers and tiny feet
Cute and fuzzy
But grew and grew some more
Taking larger steps
Until eventually it was a giant

Lets respect our new teacher,

From me with love.

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