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Lapangan Bali, Bandung, Saturday, 25th March 2017

Hasil gambar untuk lapangan bali

Welcome back to my bloggg!
In this chance, I will tell you about my first Porak in Senior High School. I can't even say it's a porak, because Porak is Pekan Olahraga Antar Kelas, which mean it held in a week or just in weekdays .But, this one isn't held in a week.

It is called: DEWA ATHENA IX
DEWA ATHENA IX is an anually sport competition in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Menampilkan 1491035941498.jpg

DEWA ATHENA IX is hold on Friday, 24th March 2017 for the second grade. And on Saturday, 25th March 2017 for the first grade.

What's make it unique is, we have to make our class's jersey on our own and wear it on the event

Let me tell you the game based on my class competition's schedule.

And, before the game we did a greeting first.

In our first game we are so hopeless because my class don't have a good badminton player. At first Mia and Dila played badminton. But, because Mia didn't play well so Upi replaced Mia. Upi and Dila played good enough. But, our opponent is too strong, they played too well. That's why we LOST in our first game. We were good but our opponent were too good :)

This is the only game that can make our class proud. Yap, as you can expect it, we were WIN. Thanks to our Basketball team. Yeay!

I was one of the estafet player. Our team consisted of me, Mia, Hilmy, and Dika. Our opponent was X Science 7. They were a good runner. Moreover, if they didn't run first before us. Yes, we were LOST again because we started late. But, it's okay :)

5 vs 0
Can't you guess which one is us? Yes, the zero one. We LOST again, guys.

Although we have a big 'monster' called Fadhlan, we were still LOST. Fadhlan had an accident in the middle of the game. His foot was cramps. When he got a treatment from teen red cross or PMR. The girls had to play dogdeball. That's why we couldn't accompany Fadhlan for a long time.

It's my favorite game!!! I played dodgeball since elementary school. It was called kijang-kijangan. That's why, at first I didn't know what dodgeball is. It was really fun to play it. You just have to run, run, and run. And avoid the ball. Although it was fun to play, but we LOST. It's like I want to play it again and do it better. I'm waiting for DEWA ATHENA X just to play dodgeball again.

11.15: VOLLEY
Menampilkan 1491212667866.jpg

Menampilkan 1491212674857.jpg

Actually, we had a good volley team. But, our opponent team was use a very good strategy. Each team is consist of female and male. But, our opponent team didn't let they female to do serving. The female on their team just stood there to obey the rules of player amount. And as you know, we LOST again

I didn't watch it because it was too long to wait. That's why I decided to go home. But, as what I know, we were LOST 9 vs 1.



HOWEVER  as what I said before, I'm waiting for DEWA ATHENA X just to play DODGEBALL.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Please Welcome, Our New Teacher!

Hello everyone! 
Before I tell you more about our new teacher. Let me introduce it first!

Hasil gambar untuk nature

It’s name is nature.
Nature is not a person, it is a phenomena of the physical world collectivity, including plants, animal, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth.

But, why did I call it teacher?

Hasil gambar untuk teacher

Let’s look the definition of teacher first.
Teacher is a person who teaches.

But, it is not always a person. It may be a thing, an experience, or even nature.
So, now let’s start the lesson with our new teacher, NATURE.

From all teacher that come from nature, I think our best teacher is a tree.

What can we learn from the tree?

Hasil gambar untuk tree as teacher

First, we have to stay grounded.

Although, we have so many knowledge, so many money, a big house, or we are already success, we have to stay grounded. Don’t be an arrogant person. We should help each other which weaker than us.

Hasil gambar untuk tree that has many fruit and ground

Like a tree, that still hold the ground with it is root although it already has many leaves and  many delicious fruits. And trees doesn’t forget their friends. They help each others from symbiosis. Like a bee who get food from the flower.

Second, we have to keep growing.

Hasil gambar untuk tree that hit by rain

Tree is strong, although it always get hit by heavy rain, hot sunshine, or even animal that always climb to the tree. Although you have so many problems in your live, you have to handle it. God is always understand us, although you get so many problems, believe that you can handle it. God won’t give us a problem that we can’t handle it.
Like, Dory in Finding Nemo. “You have to keep swimming, keep swimming, and keep swimming.”

Third, bend beside you break
Trees are always remain although we break them into pieces. Don’t give up although your problems are hard. Never give up. And always grow, like this, Hyperia, the tallest tree in the world.

Hasil gambar untuk tallest tree

And the last, here is the other teacher, called mouse.

Hasil gambar untuk small mouseHasil gambar untuk big mouse

The poem
Began small
A mouse of a poem
Whiskers and tiny feet
Cute and fuzzy
But grew and grew some more
Taking larger steps
Until eventually it was a giant

Lets respect our new teacher,

From me with love.

Jumat, 24 Februari 2017


Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog!

In this post, I'm not going to tell you any story.
But, I'm going to give you a game.

IT IS...

Hasil gambar untuk crossword puzzle sign


Crossword or teka-teki silang in Bahasa. If in puzzle you have to arrange pictures. In crossword you have to arrange the words with some clues.

I made this crossword with my friend, Yumna Kamila (Click if you want to know her).

So, here it is...


And, here is the clues...

1. A way to cook something.
3. One kind of tuber.
5. The thing that we learn.
6. The opponent of mountain.
9. Something you can get from chicken.
10. Part of plant.
12. I ... you.
13. Something that you use every day.
15. In the night it's full with something shiny.
16. We will cough if we meet it.
18. Something contained in cigarettes.
22. Trigonometry.

2. Transport vessels in plant.
4. Something that make us healthy.
7. Convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
8. The sky are ....
11. Something really beautiful and have good scent.
14. Kind of flower.
17. We are looking for a peace.
19. The one who do it is patient person.
20. There are many animals there.
23. Elizabeth is a ...
21. Aerospace organizations.


Selasa, 31 Januari 2017


Back to the blog.

Hello! Welcome back to my blog!

Now, I will tell you about someone that I should be thankful to. Beside many persons that I should be thankful about, I think he is the most person that I have to be thankful. Especially, for the last a hundred days.

He is my superman, for more than fifteen years and still counting.

So, let me tell you about my superman.

Hasil gambar untuk SUPERMAN

My superman is not a cartoon character. He is here, in my real life.

My superman is my dad.

Before I tell you more about him, let me tell you about what happened in the last 100 days.

It was on October 2016
It was the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandparent that live in Yogyakarta. So, my dad was plan to surprise them. He wanted to come to Yogyakarta and celebrate their wedding anniversary.

My mom accompanied him to the bus station in the evening. It's a usual thing in my family. If someone will go to Yogyakarta, one of the family member will accompany with motorcycle.

It was raining. There was a traffic jam in my mom's way back to home. Her motorcycle nudged a car behind her. She fell and her motorcycle sentenced her foot. Someone who drove the car behind my mom, help her to stand up.

"Can you stand up?" said him to my mom.
She could stand up with her right foot. But, she couldn't stand up with her left foot. She called her family. Especially my dad. He was in Ujungberung when my mom call him. He took off from the bus and took a ojek to drive him to home.

The person that drove the car helped my mom and took her to hospital. And the result is, my mom just broke her ankle and she had to take a surgery.

Until today, the day I write this blog, my mom can't walk normally yet. She still use walking stick (krek) to help her walk.

From that accident, my dad is being a single parent. He is taking over my mom's chores in the house. He woke up in the early morning, cooked for the entire family, do the dishes, wash the clothes, prepare my lunchbox. Then, he still has to go to his office and work until the sun set. He come home in lunch time to cook for my mom. And he usually skip his work to do house chores. When he back home, he still has to cook for dinner, wash the dishes, and do his office's work. And finally, he just get to sleep. In the weekend, my dad is usually go to traditional market or accompany me to have some picnic. And for your information, we don't have any housemaid. And, we don't want to have.

That's why I really feel grateful to have a dad like my dad. To have a superman like my dad. My dad is very understanding. He is really really really patient. He is the best dad I ever had.

Sometime, I feel sorry to him, that I can't help him because of my homework. But, I promise I will try to give some of my time to help you, dad. And now what I can say is just

Hasil gambar untuk terimakasih di berbagai bahasa

Maturnuwon! Haturnuhun! Makasih, Bapak!

Rabu, 11 Januari 2017


It's been a long time since my last post on November 2016.
I've been busy with semester exam on December 2016.
And now it's January 2017.

After disappeared from this blog more than a month, now, let me tell you about...


and the title is...


Hasil gambar untuk disneyland


It's just my expectation, guys. I DIDN'T COME THERE!
HE he HE

Okay let's reveal my true holiday.


Hasil gambar untuk holiday at home 


DAY ONE 26th of December
I spent my first day of holiday...

Hasil gambar untuk sleep eat repeat

Yeah, just like the other. I just ate, slept, and played. You have to enjoy your first day of holiday. It's boring, right? It's okay. We still have thirteen days more!

DAY TWO 27th of December
Hasil gambar untuk sman 3 bandung
It's a bit different from yesterday. In this day, I went to the school. Yap, school.
Gratefully it was not because SP. HE HE.
I just confirmed my contract to the teacher.
I went home and ate-slept-played again.

DAY THREE UNTIL TWELVE 28th of December - 6th of January

I spent this ten days cleaned my home, helped my parents, and the other things.
OH! On this ten days, I watched many films on TV. HEHE.

DAY THIRTEEN 7th of January

Two days left! But, my holiday just started.
Today, my father and I went to Alun-alun Bandung!

Hasil gambar untuk alun alun bandung

Yah, even I have lived in Bandung for a long time, I haven't visit this place. It's beautiful. Many peoples spent their weekend there, too. You can play soccer, run around, take pictures, and relive your stress here. But, you have to take off your shoes so it wont be dirty.

Our next destination was Asia Africa Conference Museum

Hasil gambar untuk asia africa conference

It's located near Alun-Alun. So, you just have to walk. We saw many things there. You can also take pictures and learn some histories about Asia Africa Conference.

Pendopo Walikota was our next destination.

Hasil gambar untuk Pendopo walikota bandung

It's located behind Alun-Alun Bandung. It's not as crowded as the two places before. There is something like this here. Picture of our mayor Ridwan Kamil, and you can take photo with it.

Hasil gambar untuk patung ridwan kamil

DAY FOURTEEN 8th of January

The last day of my holiday.
My father and I went went to Farm House, Lembang. 

Hasil gambar untuk farm house lembang

We went there with motorcycle at 8 am. But, the road was already full.

And, something caught my eyes in the traffic jam. Many peoples sold sausage on the side of the road,
My father said that, on this holiday many people want to come to Lembang. It makes traffic jam. And, to reduce the stress or the hunger when you got stuck on the traffic jam, they sold the sausage.

When we reached Farm House, it's already full of many people. Farm House is become really popular these days.

It's not like the places before, here yo have to pay twenty-thousand rupiah (excluding animal's feeds, costum-if you want to).

The most interesting thing here is feeding animal. Especially, sheep. I was really happy. Beside sheep, I saw the other animals. Such as cow, rabbit, sugar glider, and many more.

Park. Farm House is has many park. For you that likes to take a pictures this place is suitable for you.

Ah! You can also get free milk here.

My holiday is over now. Thank you for reading my first blog on 2017. 
Even it's late, but I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR may you we have a better year than before.
See you!

Kamis, 03 November 2016

The Inspiring Person

Architect, Mayor, and Inspiring Person

Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil muda

Okay let's start! Who doesn't know Ridwan Kamil? We usually call him Kang Emil or RK. As what I said at the title, he is an Architect, and now he is the Mayor of Bandung, the city where I live.

By the way, on that photo which one is Ridwan Kamil?
TETOT You are wrong. The left side is the korean idol Lee Min Ho.
And Ridwan Kamil is the right side.
Don't they look similar?

Let's get closer to him!!

Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil muda

He was born in Bandung, 4th of October 1971. So now he is 45 years old. And on 7th of December 1996 he got married with Atalia Praratya, Kang Emil usually call her Si Cinta. The fun facts is, he fell in love with his wife from love at the first sight. 

What about his education life?

He had a good quality of education, WAAAAA I'm really jealous :(

Hasil gambar untuk sdn banjarsari
On 1978, he went to SDN Banjarsari III

Hasil gambar untuk smpn 2 bandung
Then, he went to SMPN 2 Bandung. Yeah, one of the best elementary school in Bandung. My dream, unfortunately I can't go there, huhu

Hasil gambar untuk sman 3 bandung
NEXT! Again, he went to the best senior high school Indonesia. YAP! SMAN 3 BANDUNG! After three years of hardwork and now I'm here!!! YUHUU Believe or not, he is my motivation to go to this school

Hasil gambar untuk itb
Then, he went to Bandung Institute of Technology. Here, he studied about architect

Hasil gambar untuk university of california
It's not enough. After he graduated from ITB, and worked some months in USA, he got scholarship to University of California, Berkeley on 1999-2001. He studied about Urban Design

Family Life

Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil Hasil gambar untuk keluarga ridwan kamil

Even he had so many work, so many things to do, he still can give his love to his family. After he married with Atalia Praratya, they got two children. The first one is my senior at SMAN 3 Bandung, Emmeril Kahn Mumtaz. Now, he is on the third grade. And the second one is a daughter, Camillia Laetitia Azzahra.

Job: As an Architect
The first time I now him is before the Pilkada. The first time I now him was from the television. The TV program showed about Ridwan Kamil's bottle house. The house is made of the recycle bottle. As what I remember, he took many times to collect the bottle.

Hasil gambar untuk bottle house ridwan kamil

After the TV show, I browsed about Ridwan Kamil. Many questions about him start to filled my thought. Such as
"Why he is so creative?"
"Who is he?"
"What a wonderful architect!"
(And I start to have willingness to be an architect in the future)

Another Ridwan Kamil's creation is the Museum Tsunami Aceh

Hasil gambar untuk museum tsunami aceh ridwan kamil

In  architecture, he also built his own company called URBANE, a company  that work in planning consultant, architecture, and design.

Job: As a Mayor
He, with Oded M Daniel, are success improve Bandung. From 2013 until 2018. Many problem were solved because of them. Many new innovation were given by them in this three years.

Many park that can you use to hangout with your friends.
Hasil gambar untuk pet park bandung

A strict rules
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil menghukum

Conserve our culture and tradition with ReboNyunda
Hasil gambar untuk rebo nyunda ridwan kamil

And the other program like GPS, Bandung Culinary Night, KamisInggis, DamriGratis, and many more.

As Inspiring Person
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil quote 
He inspire me because of his creativity and full of innovation. His idea that can change, improve Bandung. And also his creation in architecture. The time management that he use, so he can love Bandung, his family, and us.

And his hardwork is not useless. He got many achievement, and he made Bandung won many achievement.
Hasil gambar untuk ridwan kamil mendapat penghargaan

As Entertainer for us
Beside his really really busy life, he still can entertain us.

Hasil gambar untuk lelucon ridwan kamil

Hasil gambar untuk lelucon ridwan kamil

That's all that can I tell about my inspiring person

See you on my next bloggg!

1. When was he born?
a. On 4th of October 1971
b. On 4th of October 1973
c. On 14th of October 1971
d. On 24th of October 1971
e. On 4th of October 1972

2. Which one is the correct statement based on the text?
a. He is Mayor of Jakarta
b. He got married on 4th on December 1996
c. He studied architecture at University of California Berkeley
d. On 1999-2001 he studied at Bandung Institute of technology
e. He has two son

3. Who is Emmeril Kahn Mumtaz?
a. He is Ridwan Kamil's second children
b. He is the Mayor of Bandung
c. He is Ridwan Kamil's first children
d. He is Camilia's little brother
e. He is alumni on SMAN 3 Bandung

4. And his hard work is not useless. He got many achievement, and he made Bandung won many achievement.
The underline word has the same meaning with...
a. useful
b. worthwhile
c. beneficial
d. worthless
e. worthy

5. Which one is not the program from Ridwan Kamil?
a. Rebo Nyunda
b. Gerakan Pungut Sampah
c. Kamis Inggris
d. Damri Gratis
e. Car Free Day

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Hasil gambar untuk the three little pigs

Who doesn't know this story?
Come on it's really popular.
But, it's okay
I will retell about this story
Let's read it!

Hasil gambar untuk start

Once upon a time there was an old sow with three little pigs. She had no money to keep them, so she sent them off to seek their fortune. The three pigs went different way. 

Pigs 1: I need some straw, would you sell it to me?
Man: Of course, take it.
Pig 2: Please Sir, I need some wood to build my house. Would you sell it to me?
Man: Yes. Take it.
Pig 3: Excuse me Sir. I need some bricks. Are they for sell?
Man: Of course. Take them.

Pig 1  was taking a nap when someone knocked at the door. Pig 1 looked through the window and saw the wolf.

Wolf: Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!
Pig 1: Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.
Wolf: Then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house in.

The wolf destroyed Pig 1's house. Pig 1 ran all the way to Pig 2 house. After a few days, there was a knock at the door. The two pigs looked through the window and saw the wolf.

Wolf: Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!
Pig 1 and Pig 2: Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.
Wolf: Then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house in.

The wolf destroyed Pig 2's house. Pig 1 and Pig 2 ran all the way to Pig 3 house. After a few days, there was a knock at the door. The two pigs looked through the window and saw the wolf.

Wolf: Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!
Pig 1, Pig 2, and Pig 3: Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.
Wolf: Then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house in.

The wolf couldn't destroy the brick house. Then, the wolf decided to think what to do, so he went and sat in a log. Meanwhile, the three pigs started cooking dinner. They put a large pot of water in the fireplace to cook some soup.

Wolf: I know what to do. I'll get in through the chimney ad I will eat those pigs.

The wolf climbed up to the roof. But he didn't know that there was a pot of boiling water at the bottom of the chimney.

Wolf: I'm coming to get you cutie pigs!

The wolf then jumped down the chimney and fell into the pot of boiling water.


The wolf jumped back up he chiney and ran into the woods. The pigs livd in peace and never saw the wolf again.

And you can watch the video here